Do I Need Pest Control for Bees?

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Do I Need Pest Control for Bees?

When we think of pest control, we often think of mice and wasps. However, there can be times when  Bee removal in Edinburgh is required.

Dealing with bees can be very different from other forms of pest control.

Firstly, as 25% of bee types are endangered, it’s important to ensure that they aren’t being killed unless they’re a threat to human life.

The eradication of bees isn’t always necessary, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enlist the services of a professional.

Although bees aren’t a protected species, reputable pest control companies will ensure that they’re exploring other avenues before considering terminating the bees.

Do Bees Pose a Threat

There can be instances when bees will sting you, but this is only when they’re antagonised.

More often than not, bees will go about their daily business without posing a threat, but there will still be times when bee stings could be serious.

What Other Avenues Will Be Explored?

What method is used for the removal of bees will depend on several factors.

For example, if the bee nest is situated near the home, or within the home such as chimney stack or loft, then relocation could be an option.

This means that if relocation can be used, this will be the method used.

However, should the nest become dangerous to remove, or is in an unattainable area, then other methods will need to be considered.

Eradication of Bees

This will often be the last resort when contending with bees and using a professional pest control ensures that the best steps are being taken every step of the way.

The work carried out before an eradication takes place can depend on the types of bees causing the problem.

Bumblebees and tree bees are generally dealt with by sealing the entrance. This ensures that the process doesn’t eradicate more bees than it needs to.

When dealing with honeybees, the same approach will be used, but it’s also important to remove the honeycomb.

Failing to do this will mean that bees will be transporting infected honey, so a professional approach is needed in every instance.

Is There Any Way of Preventing Bee Infestations?

Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to stop bee infestations other than spotting the nest and dealing with it accordingly.

The removal of waste food can help somewhat in relation to bee infestations, but often, bees will be searching for pollen, which means every garden has potential in relation to an infestation.

In many instances, bees can come and go without causing any problems, so there’s no need to contact a pest control company as soon as bees become present.

However, if there does appear to be a danger when bees are in the vicinity, then you should call a professional pest control company as soon as possible.