How to Remove Ants from Your Property

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How to Remove Ants from Your Property

Despite posing no immediate threat to our health and wellbeing, Ants are a common household nuisance. These social insects often invade our homes in large colonies and can lift up to 20 times their own body weight. These established groups can make the treatment of an Ant infestation tricky. However, our team provides professional Ant Removal Services in Edinburgh, so we know exactly what it takes to tackle an infestation successfully. Today we are sharing with you our top tips on the best way to prevent and eliminate an Ant problem from occurring.

Why do I have Ants in my home?

Each year hundreds of UK homeowners are seeking the professional services of exterminators and pest controllers to diminish an Ant infestation. This can occur both at home and a commercial premise. Many species choose to build their nests outdoors while using your home as a hunting ground to find food. Once they have discovered a source of food inside, they will continue to enter. In most cases, this will a result of poor hygiene, particularly where food is present. If you don’t wipe away any food spillages and wash up regularly, then you are at risk of an Ant infestation.

Are Ants Harmful?

The most common Ants found in the UK are not known to bite or carry disease. However, Ants tend to travel long distances in order to source food. This includes dirty areas like floors and bins where germs and bacteria tend to harbour. While these creatures can be quite beneficial to the garden, we really don’t want them crawling around our kitchen.

What are The Signs of an Ant Infestation?

You may have noticed a large number of live ants within your home. While this doesn’t’ always signify an infestation, it could lead to a developing problem. Follow the ant’s trail and try to establish how the insect is gaining entry to your property. You might also notice what looks like a small pile of dirt or soil. This may, in fact, be an Ants nest and can either be located inside or outside your home.

How do I get rid of an Ant Infestation?

While there are many over-the-counter pesticides and treatments you can buy to treat Ants, we never advise you to tackle the issue yourself. Always contact a professional pest controller for advice before purchasing any DIY products. These treatments contain extremely harmful toxins and chemicals that should only be handled by an expert. A member of our team will be happy to help, so contact us as soon as you think you may have an Ant problem.

How to prevent a future problem:

  • Always mop up food spillages as soon as possible
  • Never leave food and leftovers uncovered
  • Spray vinegar near the infested area as a natural repellent
  • Examine your property for cracks which may be possible entryways
  • Seal off suspected entryways with a non-toxic barrier
  • Remove wood that shows any signs of rotting