Wasp Pest Control Guide

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Wasp Pest Control Guide

It’s easy to assume that all pests are dealt with in the same ways, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Despite some not even recognising wasps as a pest, they can be one of the most difficult pest infestations to deal with.

This is why so many rely on professional wasp removal in Edinburgh rather than contend with the problem themselves.

Although it’s important to be wary when dealing with wasps, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t methods that can be used to stop an infestation occurring again

Why Does a Wasp Nest Occur?

Wasps nest will contain two types of wasps, known as worker wasps and queen wasps.

The worker wasps will be forage for food, while the queen will create a wasp nest to lay eggs.

Wasp nests tend to occur in the spring, simply because the environment is ideal.

Worker wasps will tend to die over the winter period, new queen wasps will start to hibernate.

The process is then repeated, which is why they can reoccur in the same location.

Locating a Wasps Nest

Although some wasp’s nests can be spotted easily, there can be times when they’re situated in locations we least expect.

In most instances, wasps’ nests are found in sheds, garages and lofts. However, the location of a wasp nest should be easy to spot, as there is generally a collective of wasps in the vicinity.

Why Use a Professional for Wasp Nest Removal?

Although there are times when removing the wasps’ nest yourself may be possible, enlisting the services of a professional not only ensures that the nest removal is done without making the problem worse, it also ensures that wasp nest removal is carried out in the right way.

There can be times where some wasps’ nests are best left, but a genuine professional will ensure that the right methods are used in every instance.

Methods to Stop a Wasp Infestation Moving Forward

Despite there being times when professional pest control will be needed, there are some methods that can be used to stop the problem reoccurring in the future.

Ensure All Bins are Closed

Even something as simple as leaving the bin open can have detrimental consequence, as wasps love a free meal.

As such, it’s important to ensure that bins are always kept closed, both inside and outside the property.

Even bins that are only slightly ajar could be enough to entice an infestation, so it’s always worth double-checking to ensure that there is little opportunity for wasps to enter the bin,

Install Fly Screens

The general rule of thumb is to ensure windows and doors remain closed when trying to keep infestations to a minimum, but there will be times when the weather doesn’t allow for this.

However, something as simple as fly screens can ensure that you’re still benefiting from fresh air, while still being able to stop wasps entering the property.

Of course, if you still find that you’re having issues with maintaining control, then why not speak to a professional pest control company for some additional guidance.