Bedbug Eradication

Bedbug Eradication Services in Edinburgh

Bedbugs are small insects which commonly live inside furniture, bedding and mattresses. These tiny creatures feed off of the blood of humans and animals. While the initial Bedbug bite is usually painless, they can later develop into itchy, inflamed welts which can result in a number of health consequences such as allergic reactions and psychological effects.

Our team of specialist exterminators will assist in the effective management and proper removal solutions to eradicate a Bedbug infestation. It is always advised to contact a professional at the first sign of a Bedbug infestation in order for the eradication process to result in the best possible outcome. 


    Bedbug Removal FAQ

    Bedbugs are very small insects, commonly brown-ish in colour with a wingless, oval shaped body. These creatures can be extremely difficult to detect in your home due to their small sizes and are generally found harbouring in bedding and mattresses. They are blood eating creatures and require human or animal blood in order to survive and breed. Unlike mosquitos, Bedbugs are unable to fly to source their meals and therefore tend to live hidden amongst the food source within furniture.

    A common misconception many people believe is that a Bedbug infestation is caused due to filthy environments and dirty living conditions. The fault in this theory is that Bedbugs are not attracted to decay and can live in any environment where their food source is nearby. Unbeknown to many is that these insects are tiny hitchhikers who can basically quite easily hop on to us in order to gain entry to our homes. There are many ways you will unknowingly pick up Bedbugs, for example if you regularly use public transport, frequently stay at hotels or house share, no matter how clean, or if you have guests stay with you who may have an infestation within their own home.

    It is always best to catch Bedbugs as early as possible by keeping a close eye out for the noticeable signs. This will prevent an infestation from establishing and spreading throughout your home. However, it is quite challenging to notice traces of a smaller invasion than a well-established one. It is generally not reliable to identify a Bedbug bite, as these bites resemble other skin conditions and insect bites. One of the most common traces of Bedbugs tends to be brown or red-ish staining on bedsheets and mattresses. This is a result of the insects being crushed during sleep. You may also notice dark spots of Bedbug excrement, along with tiny 1mm eggshells and yellow in colour skins which the insects shed as they grow larger. Of course, you may also notice live, active Bedbugs, in which case you should contact one of our specialist exterminators immediately.

    Obviously the number one hang out for these creatures is within our bedding and mattresses. Hence the name Bedbug. Although, many people don’t consider checking furniture and drawers for traces of Bedbugs. They will hide in and amongst the seams and folds of curtains, pillows and soft furnishings. You may find them in corners of rooms where the ceiling and wall meet, and even in the smallest places such as the head of a screw. The easiest way in spotting a potential Bedbug hiding place is to identify if you would be able to fit the thinness of a credit card into the crevice. If the gap is enough to hold a credit card, it can hide a Bedbug.

    Bedbugs are not currently known to spread any diseases, although their presence will become an irritating disturbance for us during sleep. Their bites cause itching, weeping and in some cases an allergic reaction which requires immediate medical attention. Sometimes the itchiness caused from several bites may develop into secondary skin infections. While these pests are not known to transmit infections or diseases, they do pose a negative threat to our physical and mental health. Links have been made between Bedbug infestations and insomnia, anxiety and systemic reactions.

    When to call a professional?

    It is always recommended to contact a professional exterminator as soon as you have identified a bed bug within your home as less established infestations can be quite hard to locate. Reporting an issue as early as possible prevents further spreading and establishment of an infestation.  Once contacted, our professional team of experts will examine and monitor your home for traces of a Bedbug problem. 

    Our Bedbug eradication program will consist of our qualified exterminators using powerful insecticide sprays and treatments in order to eliminate and remove as many Bedbugs as possible at one time. Following the initial removal process, we will assist you with maintaining and upkeeping pest management procedures in order to prevent further invasions within your home. Our experts understand and acknowledge that an insect infestation of any kind can be particularly distressing to our customers, and therefore we aim to resolve any issues as promptly and discreetly as possible to minimize further upset and concern. 

    You should never attempt to use potent chemicals and pesticides at home yourself without professional supervision and advice. These insecticides contain poisonous, toxic chemicals that if used improperly will result in serious harm to humans and animals. Please contact a professional as soon as possible for the best results and safest, efficient insect removal.