Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control Services in Edinburgh

Cockroaches are a crawling insect which usually reflects the appearance of a beetle. They have six legs, elongated antennas and a broad, flattened body. Commonly associated with filth and dirty environments, these creatures are bacterial magnets who assist in the spreading of infections and disease. 

Although, finding a cockroach in your home or workplace is not a sign that it is a dirty environment. Even those who clean regularly can potentially fall victim to a cockroach invasion. Our experienced team of exterminators regularly attend to cockroach infestations within domestic properties and workplaces, with the number of reported cases on the rise.


    Cockroach Removal FAQ

    Generally, cockroaches are attracted to unhygienic environments, although unfortunately even the cleanest home can inhabit these filthy pests. These insects will carry disease and can sometimes trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Commonly, cockroaches will gain access to our home or workplace from their nearby outside habitats, although it is not unusual for these creatures to be transported during moving processes or from neighbouring homes. It is important to always inspect containers, grocery bags and boxes when purchasing goods, you may just unknowingly invite a pregnant cockroach into your home where she will reproduce, causing an infestation to thrive.

    Cockroaches may also gain entry to your home or workplace through plumbing systems. Sewers and drains are a cockroach’s heaven, so repairing leaks and breaks in the pipes will prevent an invasion. Whilst the list of what attracts cockroaches into your home is pretty long, you can guarantee it will definitely be down to one of three main factors, food, water and shelter.

    The best preventative measures to take when reducing the likelihood of a cockroach infestation, is to completely eliminate the three sources of what attracts them. Roaches need food to survive, so removing the access a cockroach has to the food source will deter them away and eventually eliminate them. You can achieve this by taking proper measures such as thoroughly rinsing containers of remaining foods and drinks prior to disposal. Regularly wipe surfaces after cooking and before going to bed in the nights in order to remove any food residue and debris. Clean underneath and regularly check kitchen cupboards and beneath appliances, these are the places a cockroach will reside, along with inside drawers and cabinets.

    If you have pets, regularly clean food bowls and remove them after the animal has finished eating. Be sure to store any food in sealed containers and keep them off of the floor, ideally within a pantry or storage cupboard. Maintain a high standard of plumbing quality within your home and seal gaps around sinks and drains will reduce the chance of attracting cockroaches. Be sure to caulk and seal around areas where water is present to prevent leaks and stagnant water gathering.

    Yes, cockroaches pose as a threat to our overall health and wellbeing. They have been known to carry and transmit diseases such as E-coli and salmonella from their legs and bodies. They contaminate surfaces and cooking equipment which leads to food poisoning and sickness. Cockroach dust contains decomposing body parts, insect droppings and saliva which can pose as a threat to people with allergies and asthma, potentially triggering an attack. Particularly common amongst children, breathing in dust containing cockroach bacteria is likely to trigger allergic reactions which require urgent medical attention. Whilst they do not bite or sting, cockroaches are hazardous to our health as they are a walking transmitter of bacteria, diseases and decay.

    Smell is the number one sign of a cockroach infestation. Many describe the smell as a pungent, musty odour that gets stronger depending on the extent of the established infestation. Droppings are the other common way to trace a cockroach invasion within the home. You may find 2mm long droppings located around the premises. It may, in fact, be easier to spot the droppings than the actual cockroach itself, this is due to the nocturnal nature of the insect. If stagnant water is present, you may find brown, irregular shaped smear marks along flat surfaces and floors where the cockroaches travel. If you suspect you have discovered traces of a cockroach within your home or workplace, you should thoroughly check areas such as kitchens, bathroom, basements and drains as soon as possible.

    When to call a professional?

    Ideally, we advise you contact us as soon as you suspect you have a cockroach problem. This will aid in the elimination and prevention of an established infestation. Our experienced team of professionals will assess the property and carry out the necessary procedures to eradicate cockroaches from the premises. You should never hesitate to contact our team as we completely understand a cockroach infestation can be distressing and upsetting. Our staff will take an unprejudiced approach to exterminating the insects from the property quickly and effectively. 

    Never attempt to remove cockroaches yourself at home with the use of insecticides and harsh chemicals. The eradication process requires professional training and pesticides contain toxic, harmful ingredients which if used improperly can result in physical, sometimes long-term harm to both humans and animals. Our expert specialists are happy to carry out the eradication methods whilst advising you on the best possible management techniques in order to prevent further infestations from occurring.