Bird Proofing Services

Bird Proofing Services in Edinburgh

Our bird proofing service is a holistic approach to aiding in the removal of unwanted, pest birds, without impacting or having any effect on the bird’s general health. Our experienced team of experts understand the best way to minimize an infestation re-occurring, whilst preserving the aesthetic of your home. 

Our qualified team members will assess the area and provide the best possible prevention and eradication of infestations where birds are feeding and nesting. We offer our assistance in bird proofing both domestic and occupational buildings along with statues, air ducts and commercial premises. 


Bird Proofing FAQ

Infestations generally become a problem due to the levels of noise and messes created where birds are nesting and feeding. The most common species of birds to invade our home and buildings tend to be Seagulls, Pigeons, Starlings and the Crow family. These types of birds choose to build their nests around human habitations and can generally be found in attics and sheds. Not only does this look messy, but usually traces of faeces and foods build up underneath causing problems.

Whilst birds can be beautiful and their songs relaxing, they can also become a pest whom you don’t wish to share your home or office with. The first sign of a bird infestation is quite obvious, you will see the birds entering and exiting your property, usually this is within the roof or through upstairs windows. If you seem to spot a large amount of birds gathering around your home, you will likely have or develop an infestation. If you have large quantities of insects around your home and garden, this will initially attract birds to your area, as they see this as a strong, reliable food source to feed their young. You will notice large amounts of bird droppings, around your perimeter and in some cases, inside your home. Due to the messes left behind, you may recognise a foul smell which you cannot relate to anything else within the property.

There is an array of measures which you can take before contacting a pest controller, however the best method would be gaining an expert assessment and advice. You may wish to use a homemade, natural bird repellent such as garlic oil as this will act as an organic strong odour to fend off unwanted pests.

Many experts recommend the use of wind chimes to steer the birds away from your premises. This is because birds become adapted to stagnant objects, whereas the unpredictable movement and noise produced by wind chimes will startle them, resulting in the bird searching for a different area to reside. You may wish to block up any cavities on the premises such as slipped roof tiles and broken windows. This is how a bird will gain entry to your property and begin nesting. If you believe you may be susceptible to a bird infestation, you should remove any food sources such as bird feeders and baths as this will attract more birds to your property. For many years gardeners and boaters have used fake owl dummies to scare away birds. It is believed that when confronted with a fake owl, a pigeon will instantly recognise it as a threat and fly away. This could be an preventative option to try.

It is never advised to attempt in removing pest bird’s nests without professional assistance. This is due to the fact that many birds are protected under UK laws, and it is forbidden to disturb or damage or even touch the protected bird’s nest without special permits or training. Even pest birds should never be relocated without the assistance of a trained expert as the removal process can be very tedious. If the birds have not begun the process of building a nest, you may wish to obstruct the area to prevent the erection of a future nest, however you must never touch an established nest yourself.

Due to the nature of the species, most birds will not return to the nest if it has been relocated. This results in the abandonment of the eggs and young, for they will attempt to build another nest. Currently, all UK birds are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, meaning it is a criminal offence to harm, kill or destroy a nest while it is in use or the process of being built. It is also an offence to remove eggs from a bird’s nest.

Our Bird Proofing Service

Based in Edinburgh, we provide quality methods of bird proofing for any structure or premises, this includes domestic and workplace settings. All of our procedures are completely holistic and does not cause any injury or harm to any species. This eliminates the defacement of establishments along with the contamination and defects on goods caused by bird droppings, nesting materials and feathers. 

We offer and supply the highest quality netting, pigeon spikes, post and wire and bird free gels. Our qualified team of experts are highly trained in effectively solving bird invasion issues, whilst protecting the health and wellbeing of the bird first and foremost. After requesting a call out from one of our pest controllers, you will receive a detailed assessment where our team members will come to a decision of the best possible prevention methods.