Falconry Response Team

Falconry Response Team in Edinburgh

Our expert Falconry response team are always available to assist in the correct, respectful relocation and removal of pest birds on your premises. Providing effective relief of pest birds across Edinburgh, our highly experienced team members will introduce trained hawks and falcons to naturally disperse pest species, such as gulls and pigeons. This is an extremely effective method of pest control and does not harm, kill or injure the birds in any way shape or form. We pride ourselves on his holistic option of pest control and promise to always abide with current UK law’s and legislations. 

This method has been designed to simply jolt the pest bird’s natural instinct of hunting to kick in, encouraging them to leave the area and find somewhere they feel would be much safer. Falconry is designed to scare pest birds away, not to harm or kill them. 



    Falconry Response FAQ

    The increasing number of nuisance birds inhabiting commercial properties and homes are becoming a growing risk to our general health and wellbeing. This is due to the amount of bird droppings from birds such as gulls and pigeons, spreading harmful diseases such as E-Coli and Salmonella. Not only that, but bird droppings have been proven to cause costly damage to homes and vehicles due to its high levels of acidity. During breeding seasons, gulls and other birds can produce a form of noise pollution as well as becoming more and more aggressive. When large groups of seagulls swoop and fly at low levels, they become quite intimidating to people, as well as a nuisance.

    Our highly experienced technicians are qualified and trained in the humane removal of pest bird infestations. Falconry pest control is a method which consists of introducing trained hawks and falcons in the area of a pest bird gathering. The training involved in order to carry out this process is quite extensive, both for the technicians and birds of prey. Our flight handlers have years of quality experience in bird control and has resolved hundreds of pest bird invasions successfully across Edinburgh. Through the introduction of trained birds, the nuisance, pest birds will immediately recognise the area as unsafe, undesirable and will leave.


    Although the bird of prey has been extensively trained and will not cause any of the pests any harm, its presence will be recognised as a natural predator by the nuisance birds. This stimulates the pests natural fear and instinct that a predator is near, allowing them to make the connection that the current area is now deemed to be unsafe.


    The flight handler will assess and adjust the times and levels of flight from the birds of prey in order to disturb pest bird gatherings, resulting in unpredictability and deterring the pest birds away from the site. This procedure is designed not to harm the pest birds in any way and will just lightly scare them away without injury or maltreatment. At no point will the bird of prey attack any of the pest birds whatsoever.

    This method of bird control through our falconry response team can be used in a variety of different areas, including domestic, industrial and agricultural properties. Particularly at airports, pest birds can pose as a constant level of threat to aircraft taking off and landing, this is a great, natural option. Falconry is also a method of pest bird control in areas where other procedures are not practical, such as schools, hospitals, stadiums, housing establishments and golf courses.


    If a building is listed, there generally isn’t the option for bird proofing measures to be fitted which can result in increasing numbers of pest birds present. You may also experience high levels of pest birds in large, open areas such as landfills. This method of pest control can be extremely beneficial for these kinds of areas.


    Upon request, one of our experienced falconry response technicians will evaluate your individual circumstances and assess whether falconry pest control is the best option for your area. In some cases, it is required to remove pest birds prior to erecting bird proofing materials, this is where falconry can be an excellent option.


    Contact Falconry Expert Today

    Do not delay, you can arrange a visit from one of our friendly, expert falconry response team members, who will assess the situation and come up with the most beneficial plan of action to accommodate your individual requirements. All of our qualified falconry flight handlers and removal programmes strictly abide with UK laws and wildlife protection legislations. This means the professional bird handler will continuously assess the amount of bird infestation and alter the corresponding levels of flight activity for the birds of prey in order to combat this problem. 

    You should never attempt to carry out the removal of pest birds yourself without seeking advice from members of our professional team. This is due to the fact it is a criminal offence to cause any harm, injury or disruption to wild birds and their active nests. You should never attempt to remove or destroy any birds nests you may encounter. Instead, always contact a professional for expert advice and assessments of your property. Our falconry response team cover areas throughout Edinburgh. We are dedicated to providing effective solutions and resolving large numbers of pest bird infestations, with minimal distress caused to both pests and customers.