Solar Panel Proofing

Solar Panel Proofing in Edinburgh

Our team of qualified engineers provide solar panel proofing services, in order to prevent the invasion of pest animals such as birds, rodents and squirrels from nesting beneath the panels surface. Upon request, our specialist team will conduct a thorough assessment of your property in order to evaluate which solar panel proofing method would be best suited and most efficient for your individual requirements. We aim to respond to all requests and call outs as soon as possible to provide and maintain our already excellent standard of customer services. 



    Solar Panel Proofing FAQ

    Without appropriate safe proofing methods, protecting from pest birds and other animals, your solar panels are vulnerable to damage and poor performance. Many animals such as squirrels and birds will choose to nest beneath solar panels on the roofs of domestic and commercial properties. If left unchallenged, the nesting of pest animals will cause significant damage to solar panel systems, resulting in lessened electricity generation and potentially costly repairs. The high levels of ammonia in bird droppings affects the structure of the panels by rotting the frame and metalwork. The nests will affect the wiring and technical mechanisms required to support the solar panel’s function. There is a large list of further, potential complications which can result from nesting creatures claiming your property as their own. For instance, the nesting materials used by pigeons and squirrels may drop down into gutters and drainage systems. This consequently leads to blockages and an increased risk of flooding.

    Solar panels provide the perfect amount of shelter, warmth and protection for pigeons, squirrels and other nuisance animals. These creatures will introduce noise, mites and debris to your home, as well as covering the panels surface with droppings preventing them from functioning properly. Pigeons and other small birds in particular will enjoy nestling under the panels, due to the lingering warmth of the sunlight and closeness to food sources. Since there is a significant increase in the number of solar panels being fitted on both business premises and domestic dwellings, so has the number of pest control call outs.

    While there are a few preventative methods you can try yourself, we always advise gaining the advice of a qualified, experienced professional. Research suggests you can try and introduce the presence of a dummy bird, which may deter other pigeons from nesting beneath solar panels. However, the results have been inconclusive as over time the pigeons will become familiar with its presence and recognise it as not being a threat, therefore continuing to construct their nests. Other methods of bird proofing can be extremely difficult and dangerous to install, we never advise anyone attempting to carry out bird proofing themselves if they aren’t qualified or experienced enough. Our friendly team of experts are always willing to assist in the assessment and application process of all pest proofing methods.

    We advise you contact a member of our team as early as having the solar panels fitted. Our engineers will be able to visit your property and assess what methods of prevention are suitable for your needs. If you seem to live in an area where squirrels are dominant, then there are procedures we can put in place for this type of pest control. It is easier to prevent the pest problem than to eliminate an established nest, therefore contacting us as early as possible can stop a potential infestation.

    What can be done to protect my solar panels?

    We have various methods of solar panel proofing available, such as the installation of wire mesh to the edges and outsides of the panel. This will act as a barrier to keep birds and other pests out, no longer giving them access to nest and settle beneath the panels. All of our equipment and proofing materials are handmade and sourced from the best quality products that are currently available on the market. Our method of attaching mesh to your solar panels is quick and easy. We attach the wire mesh to the solar panels by using specially designed, weather resistant clips. This way, there is no drilling involved nor causing any damage to your solar panels. The metal mesh wire is attached to the edges of the panel only and will not interfere with the general performance of the solar panel. The mesh method is an excellent option for the best aesthetic finish, as it does not interfere with the overall appearance of both your solar panels and property. It is a discreet, yet practical option which leads to the prevention of future pest invasions whilst also promoting the longevity and current performance of your solar panels.

    Our team of expert technicians have all of the required qualifications and experience required to install pest-proofing methods. We have a variety of different procedures which can be adapted to suit your individual requirements, leading to a more effective, cost efficient installation. Even properties with a more tricky, hard to access areas are not a problem for our technicians. We have flexible equipment and supplies on hand to accommodate for every type of property. Our specialist team are always available to offer expert advice and management information, both prior to and post installation of your new solar panel system.